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Posted on 06.06.15
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About me

Bas Koole was born in De Noordoostpolder, Flevoland, The Netherlands. In the beginning of 2003 he started kiteboarding, before that he was an active rollerblader. Besides rollerblading Bas spent some time windsurfing and platform diving, but found the ultimate combination of wind, water and body movement in freestyle kiteboarding and is expressing his own style ever since.

The Job

The focus of Bas has changed over the passed years. After becoming Dutch freestyle champion is 2010, he achieved his competition goal and started aiming for active media coverage. He discovered that he could be more valuable for his sponsors by appearing regularly on covers and delivery high quality gay sex photo and video content.

My Equipement:

Airush phone porn Razor / VarialX
Airush Livewire / celebrity sex tapes Apex

Favourite Set-Up:

Airush Razor 11m
45cm bar / 20m lines / big chickenloop
Airush Livewire 142×42

“I prefer my kite super stable and stays in essay writing one place, this is why I slow my kites down on the bar by moving the steering lines to the smallest setting.  I move the steering line pig tails of the 7 to the slowest position and with the 9 one step inwards. My front line set up is on the wake style setting (blue pig tails). By adjusting the knots under the floater and above the depower strap you prevent stretch. This is my ideal set up of the Razor and gives in my eyes the most pop and response.”


- Prolimit

How to Learn buy generic cialis online Kiteboarding:

Before you are going to buy your equipment, take a kite lesson. A kite lesson is very important, during this class you will learn the basic steps. A kite has so much power, so take a lesson hentai porn before you start practicing on your own. Take a look at the website from the kite school Sky High.