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YEAR 2013

2nd The Aruba Xtreme Event, Bushiri Beach (Aruba)

YEAR 2012

17th PKRA Holland, Scheveningen (NL)
1st Hooked Expression Session, Workum (NL)

YEAR 2011

1st Kiteboard Open Pro Expression Session, Noordwijk (NL)
- Dutch Championship, Scheveningen (NL) // NO WIND

YEAR 2010

1st Dutch Championship, Scheveningen (NL)
1st Kitesurf Tour Europe Noordwijk / Kiteboard Open (NL) // more info
2th Friends of Friestyle, Stavoren (NL)
3th Kites On Fire , Oostende (Belgium)

YEAR 2009

3th Dutch Championship, Scheveningen (NL)
9th KPWT, Dunkerque (France)
17th KPWT, Sylt (Germany)
1st KBO Xpression Session & Pro Contest, Noordwijk (NL)
1st Friends of Friestyle, Stavoren (NL)
3th Sticked Pro Contest, Mirns (NL)

YEAR 2008

17th PKRA ‘08, St. Peters-Ording (Germany)

YEAR 2007

1st Dutch Championship ‘07, Almere (NL)
25th PKRA ‘07, St. Peters-Ording (Germany)
1st Beware Funsport Experience ‘07, Workum (NL)
25th PKRA ‘07, Isla Coche (Venezuela)

YEAR 2006

3rd Dutch Championship ’06, Scheveningen (NL)
25th PKRA ’06, St. Peters-Ording (Germany)
17th PKRA ’06, Fuerteventura
25th PKRA ’06, Cabarete (Dom. Republic)
25th PKRA ’06, Portimao (Portugal)
13th PKRA ’06, Knokke-Heist (Belgium)
1st Sticked Event ’06, Workum (NL)

YEAR 2005

9th PKRA ’05, Fortaleza (Brazil)
17th NK Kiteboarding ’05, Noordwijk (NL)