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Posted on 01.11.14
Posted on 15.08.14


Airush Airush

Since the beginning of 2009 I’m proud to be a part of the Airush Int. Team. Airush started in 1999 as the world’s first celebrity sex tapes accessory maker, now they make high quality kites and boards. With a big range of kites and boards Airush can offer every rider the equipment that fits them the most. I’m ridin’ the 2014 Airush Livewire 140 x 42 cm and the 2014 Airush VarialX.

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Prolimit’s 40 years experience of building unique quality products, who are developed with their riders feedback, gay porn made me decide to choose for Prolimit. My favorite product is the Predator harness, a harness is in my eyes the most important product you need next to your kiteboard kit. Rain, sun, storm, you always use your harness, that’s why I love the Predator, it gives me the support and freedom during my riding all over the world.

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Sky High Repair

Sky High is the repair specialist in Europe for sailing, kite and outdoor repairs. Through years of experience, they know exactly what is expected of a repair.

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